Sunday, December 13, 2009

upcoming release: The Murder in the Tower

COMING JULY 13, 2010!

I was just browsing Random House to see if there were any updates to their Jean Plaidy page, and lo and behold... another reprint! I read this one not even a year ago, and thought it was not one of her best, but a good read on the court of James I (there aren't too many out there). The cover sure is pretty!

My review is here.


  1. I'm excited for this one - I've never reading anything about James I.

    The dress on the cover is simply gorgeous!

  2. This is a must for me!!! I love the cover!

  3. What a pretty cover. This was one of my first Plaidy reads.. and one of my first reviews, and it shows.
    But I really did enjoy it .. and Frances Howard was a total hoot!
    The title is a bit misleading to those who are accustomed to Tudor reads, and Anne Boleyn etc.. They immediately think of that aspect. But yes, there WAS a MURDER in the tower, when James I was on the throne!!!!!!

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