Thursday, February 4, 2010

Currently on Paperback Swap!

The Jean Plaidy novels on PBS right now are:

The Lady in the Tower
The Rose without a Thorn
Here Lies Our Sovereign Lord
The Queen and Lord M
The Queen's Confession (Holt)
A Health Unto His Majesty

There are also several Holt and Carr novels. Just a heads up for those who use the service!


  1. WHERE is my favorite Jean Plaidy photo?!

    I ordered 3 .. Thanks for the heads up =)

  2. Oh rats, I don't have any credits. I think I have all of these anyway, but need to consult my spreadsheet! You know an author is prolific if you need a spreadsheet to keep track of their novels ;-)

    Thanks for letting us know! I love PBS!

  3. Marie, I took it down while redecorating. I may add it back, but I'm enjoying the simplicity for a while :D

    I consult my Plaidy list on my site all the time. It's nice to have it online so I can check from anywhere.

  4. How does this work? I have some extra Holts: The Silk Vendetta (2 copies) The Curse of the Kings, Seven for a Secret & a Plaidy: Caroline the Queen (Book III ofthe Georgian Saga