Saturday, October 2, 2010

new Plaidy reprints!

Next year Random House is breaking out of the Queens of England and Tudor series (finally) and publishing reprints of Madonna of the Seven Hills and Light on Lucrezia! They will be available to purchase January 18, 2011.

Somehow I think the new HBO Borgia show has something to do with the decision to print these, but whatever the reason we here at Royal Intrigue are glad to know they are continuing to reprint Plaidy books. We are crossing our fingers that they don't use 1/3rd portion of a period lady in the wrong era dress! Bring back the portrait covers, please!!!!


  1. I agree...please bring back the portrait covers!

  2. Great! It seems all the Tudor, Stuart, and Queens of England novels have been republished so it would make sense to move on to her other novels.

  3. Those two novels were the first "Plaidy" books I had ever read. I only read some of her gothics before. I loved them! I hope they reprint the Catherine D'Medici novels. I would love to read and own those as well.