Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 4 Reading Group Discussion on The Plantagenet Prelude

Lucy asks:

7. Why do you think Eleanore and Henry treated Richard, their son, so differently.

Arleigh asks:

8. What is your opinion on Henry bringing 'Bastard Geoffrey' into the royal nursery?


  1. 7. Eleanor was pregnant with Richard when she realized her hold on Henry was loosening, and she bonded with him because of this. She always seemed to name her children and have bonds with them depending on her relationship with their father.

    Henry saw this and so he doted on Henry more, and then his bastard son Geoffrey when he was brought to the nursery.

    So basically, they petted the children to get back at each other. This theme is expanded on in Revolt of the Eaglets.

    8. While I think he should bring them to court and educated them, perhaps not in the royal nursery. It would probably be best to house them in a castle separate from Eleanor. That would have been the proper thing to do, but Henry had to be a jerk about it. He reaped his just deserts, however, when his legitimate sons came into power with many grudges against him.

  2. 7. In my opinion Henry used the kids to get his point across. And with Richard, because he was a favourite of Eleanore's was all the more reason for Henry to show detachment. Anything to get to her, really.

    8. Especially for those times..I think that Henry shouldn't have done that. And his intention behind this was even wasn't a question of being fair to the children...again just to spite Eleanore. He had such a vindicative sprit.