Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Wandering Prince- Reading Group Discussion Continued...

Here are the 2 last questions for our September read: The Wandering Prince (First volume of - The Love of Charles II).

3. Louis' love for Henriette is increasingly tainted by his jealousy over her relationship with her brother. At what point does his obsession turn threatening? Does Henriette recognize the shift? How does Anne of Austria's death affect Louis' attitude toward leadership and love?

4. Why does Henriette consent to a rigorous Catholic education, when she knows it is against the express wishes of her late father and most of her siblings?

Please let us know what you think:)



  1. My memory is a bit foggy on these questions. I think maybe Minette's relationship began to shift around the time that she was to be an emissary between her brother and Louis for their secret treaty. I could be wrong about that.

    Perhaps Minette is Catholic for her mother's sake and that of her country, as she feels France is her home.

  2. If I base it on the history, I too think that it was around the time of the treaty.

    As far as the religion goes..let's not forget that she was raised at convent by Catholic nuns- I mean she arrived in France when she was a baby,from then on, all she was surrounded by the Catholic faith. It would seem to me that besides all the political stuff her brother and cousin were at eachother for, Minette seemed to have as sole purpose the conversion of Charles. I believe she was truly a Catholic in faith and at heart.