Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Reading Discussion- the Wandering Prince (The Loves of Charles II)

Hi everyone!  I’m happy to inform you that Arleigh is slowly settling back to some sort of normalcy in her life- Thank God she and her family are doing well and are nicely settled in a temporary new home. Arleigh we’re all glad you’re doing fine!
So then, on with the blogging as usual…
Since some of us did participate in our monthly reading of The Wandering Prince (embarrassed to say…not me..)- we do have some Discussion Questions pertaining to the read.  Please join along if you’ve read this book last month or ever before that. We'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions:)

Questions for The Wandering Prince (stand alone or included in omnibus The Loves of Charles II)
(taken from guideline questions in Plaidy’s omnibus)
1.      Henriette is introduced as a garrulous, opinionated, two-year-old political refugee masquerading as the son of a peasant.  That feisty personality does not reemerge until page 216, when Henriette exiles La Valliere in a vociferous fit of rage over the girl’s dalliance with Louis. In between these episodes, Henriette cuts a meek and tolerant figure, mild and forgiving even in the face of her husband’s flagrant indiscretions, her mother’s ruthless political ploys, and her lover’s repeated infidelities.  Is Henriette a wimp, or does she display control over her emotions? Either way, is, she likeable?

2.      The long suffering Henrietta Maria plays both the tragic figure and the villain throughout this novel. Do her constant harangues intensify-or offer comic relief from- the relentless tension of the story?  Do any of her wishes for her children come about?


  1. Sooooo glad to see things are getting better for Arleigh and her family and nice to see a post here again!

  2. Pleased Arleigh and her family are safe, hope their circumstances improve soon.

    1. Yes I agree Henriette was an opinionated little girl, as she grew I feel that the death of her father and the faith and devotion she felt for her brother gave her false hope. That she would always be able to rely on her brother and as she idolised him felt that all her problems would be solved by Charles 11.

  3. I'll have to speak on what I know of her historically,cause unfortunately I didn't get to read this Plaidy one (although it happens to be the one I most look forward to on my TBR list).
    so based on that, I'd say that poor Henriette did more than just control her emotions- she outright hid them altogether; although she was often enraged with her husband and they had huge horrendous fights.
    I have to agree with you Zetor that she somehow idolized Charles and her only hope in anything, I would say,relied on him.
    (I must say though that I'm very biased when it comes to Henriette since,let me say straight out- that she is one of my favourite historical figures- so I probably don't have anything negative, ever, to say about her!

  4. I am so happy to hear that Arleigh and fam are doing well. It's nice to have her able to blog again.

  5. I do not know anything about this person.. sad me. I do need to get back to basics and immerse myself in my Plaidy books. grrrrr
    Is this the Sept or October Read?

    if it is Sept, what is the October read?
    What is the November Read?

  6. Hey Marie, this was our pick for September (which unfortunately I was unable to follow through with...)- And to find out our next picks, just go to the small 'Jean Plaidy Reading Group Member'button- the one with her picture on it- it will lead you directly to our page. October's read will be: The Miracle at St. Bruno's.

    And, if you'd like to learn more about Henriette; Charles II's little sister- and my favourite lady of the times, you can read my post on her at this link:

  7. Thanks everyone for wishing us well!

    It's been more than 3 years since I read this one, and I remember it being my first taste of Charles II and I loved it! I think I was more interested in his story with Lucy Walter than Minette... I didn't like her situation at all. She loved Louis from the start and he didn't see her as anything special until after they were both married to other people. Then they kept a close relationship that could not be consummated. It was sort of strange.

    Her mother is definitely not a favorite of mine. It's her devotion to her religion that caused so many problems in the first place and she just keeps on and on with her kids to convert, though they are princes and princesses of a Protestant country.

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