Friday, February 26, 2010

March 2 (Tuesday) reprints!

I'm sorry about the lack of updates here. This has been a very busy month with reading and writing. I've had my nose in quite a lot of non-fiction lately, and mostly just chapters here and there in books, so I can't even claim an entire book on my list. Amy alerted me to the publishers *finally* releasing the cover of A Favorite of the Queen. I'm not a fan of these covers at all... I liked the ones with portraits so much better... but I am am pleased that Plaidy continues to be released. If you are not very familiar with her old titles, please take a close look so that you're not running out and buying one you already have.

A Favorite of the Queen has been published as Gay Lord Robert and Lord Robert.

For a Queen's Love has been published as The Spanish Bridegroom.

"Torn between her heart’s passion and duty to her kingdom, a young queen makes a dark choice…

Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester was the most powerful man in England during the reign of Elizabeth I. Handsome and clever, he drew the interest of many women—but it was Elizabeth herself that loved him best of all. Their relationship could have culminated in marriage but for the existence of Amy Robsart, Robert's tragic young wife, who stood between them and refused to be swept away to satisfy a monarch’s desire for a man that was not rightfully her own. But when Amy suddenly dies, under circumstances that many deem to be mysterious at best, the Queen and her lover are placed under a dark cloud of suspicion, and Elizabeth is forced to make a choice that will define her legacy."

"Power-hungry monarch, cold-blooded murderer, obsessive monster—who could love such a man?

Set against the glittering courts of sixteenth-century Europe, the Spain of the dreaded Inquisition, and the tortured England of Bloody Mary, For a Queen’s Love is the story of Philip II of Spain—and of the women who loved him as a husband and father.

Philip was a dark and troubled man, who, like many royals, had been robbed of his childhood. His first marriage, a romantic union with childlike Maria Manoela, brought him tragedy and a troublesome son, Don Carlos. Then followed marriage with the jealously possessive Mary Tudor, a political union that ultimately failed to bring Philip an heir that would solidify the unified power he so deeply desired. And finally, marriage again to a young bride Philip stole from his unbalanced son, sowing the seeds of brutal murder. But history is seldom what it seems, and in the hands of beloved author Jean Plaidy, we hear another side to the story of Philip II—the most powerful of kings who was at once fanatic, murderer, husband, father, and lover."


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  2. nteresting..and I'm happy there are finally more new releases. I'd skip on the first (enough of Elizabeth and her Robin for me..for now;)

    But- having read Her Mother's Daughter just recently- the story of Mary Tudor, I'd be intersted in reading more about Phillip. Who better than Plaidy to retell history in the most interesting and accurate way? Thanks Arleigh (You're not kidding we've been busy!!)I feel lousy about not having posted for awhile..

  3. I feel the same way, Lucy... I think My Enemy the Queen and Queen of This Realm is quite enough reading, but who knows... there may be some perspective in A Favorite of the Queen that is different and amazing to read.

    If I end up buying For a Queen's Love (because it's hard to resist *new* Plaidy novels) I'll send you my old HC version of The Spanish Bridegroom :D

  4. Read Gay Lord Robert last year but the wivws of Phillip is new to me , will check this out.

  5. Silly me- just checked I have the Spanish Bridegroom! Perfect!!

  6. It would be nice if they kept the old titles.. I understand dropping off the word "gay" these days.. but really. They are really trying to drive me insane.