Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

Someone, please reassure me, but I thought the Regency era started in 1811. This novel covers the end of Charles II's reign through William and Mary.


  1. I have the same book with a white background instead of green and on mine is written ' Another exciting story in the Stuart saga'.

    Someone has their eras muddled!

  2. I think mine is the one with the white cover too. That's strange...there's like over 100 years in between the reign of William II and the Regency era.

    Is it good so far Arleigh?

  3. I hate it when publishers make these kind of blunders- especially since so many people base their choice of read on the covers- many times..

  4. I have the one with the white cover as well (Pan), but I saw this one as I was searching for the upcoming reprint cover. Amy - I'm enjoying it... the usual Plaidy I'd say :)