Sunday, March 29, 2009


The first one is an old cover and most of these are illustrations that cater to romance readers. I never quite understood this, as her novels are so very far from romantic (must be a marketing ploy). The second cover is a modern UK edition and these feature a photograph, usually with the head cut off. Third we have an example of a reprint by Three Rivers Press, which has a painting on the cover. And last is the new cover by Three Rivers Press, which seems to be following the UK editions with the cut-off photos.

I am partial to the first Three Rivers Press editions. I love the antiquated look of books featuring portraits or paintings. I also love how the entire set of 19 matches; it’s my favorite part of my bookshelf. Of course, I would take a Plaidy novel with no cover as long as all the pages are there and it’s readable!

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