Sunday, March 29, 2009

From beginning to end... back to beginning.

I was wondering who else, besides me, ever goes back to rereading the first chapter of a Plaidy novel, after having finished the book? With me it’s a pattern. After I reread the beginning, I find that I have the whole novel summarized at my finger tips. Everything makes even more sense. Yet, whenever I begin a Plaidy novel, the first chapter just seems like the beginning of the story.

Plaidy gets me every single time. She basically gives an outline of her book within the first chapter, but does it in such a way that naturally lures you onto the next. Elements of surprise are constantly popping up and I readily accept them as I ravage through the novel even though she warned me right from the start. Even the history that I already know seems new to me.

This grasping aspect is typical of Plaidy’s writing style. So then, I ask myself, how is it possible that I’m so enraptured by the book when I know right from the beginning what the course of events will be? Let’s face it, most people hate spoilers. So why isn’t it so with Plaidy’s novels?

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