Monday, April 13, 2009

Review Roundup and Challenge Updates

We are creating a page of review links on the website, and would love to link to your reviews.  Please let us know if that is okay… we aren’t taking content from your site, just linking to it. 

Holly has posted a review for Victoria Victorious:

Jenny has posted a review for Madame Serpent:

We are adding three past reviews from Devourer of Books (with permission):

Victoria Victorious

To Hold the Crown

Murder Most Royal


Also, we have a new reader in the Plaidy Challenge, Susie.  Please visit her new blog and say hi!

Lucy, Mog and I are reading the April 2009 pick, The King’s Confidante/St. Thomas’s Eve.  This will put myself and Mog at 3 Plaidy novels and Lucy at 4.  Lucy and Marie will be leading the challenge!

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