Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Words for Wedneday

Sorry we overlooked this feature last week, but we were both so busy (Lucy and I).  Here are this week's words:

barbarously (adj) lacking refinement or culture.

cadaverous (adj) of corpselike pallor; emaciated, gaunt

deprecating (v) to express disapproval of; to belittle

enmities (n) deep-seated, often mutual hatred

intricacies (n) the condition or quality of being intricate; complexity

jollity (n) convivial merriment or celebration

leaden (adj) lacking liveliness or sparkle; dull

misprision (n) an act of sedition against a government or the courts

palimpsest (n) an object, place or area that reflects its history

potentate (n) one who dominates or leads a group or an endeavor

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