Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Let's play a game with Wednesday Words!

This week is a little different... We're going to play a matching game! See if you can guess the correct definition without looking it up. The correct answers will be in the first comment. Let us know how many you get! Have fun!

1. amicably

2. approbation

3. bacchanal

4. confuted

5. finical

6. invariably

7. munificence

8. paeans

9. parsimonious

10. raillery


a. to prove to be false, invalid or defective

b. not changing or capable of being changed

c. approval; commendation

d. frugal or stingy

e. song of praise, joy or triumph

f. characterized by or showing goodwill; friendly; peaceable

g. good-humored ridicule; banter

h. finicky

i. extremely liberal in giving; very generous

j. a drunken reveler


  1. 1. f

    2. c

    3. j

    4. a

    5. h

    6. b

    7. i

    8. e

    9. d

    10. g

  2. I only got 1, 2, 5 and 6 right! (don't ever tell anyone that English is what I teach...(

  3. I want to play, but since I looked them up already... you have to do this next week so I can play!

    Don't feel bad... Plaidy had a VERY good vocabulary, was British and from an earlier generation... so of course her words are going to be unheard of or out of use.

  4. What fun! Here goes...

    1. f
    2. c
    3. j
    4. b
    5. h
    6. a
    7. e
    8. i
    9. d
    10. g

  5. I got them all right, but only because it was multiple choice. I couldn't have defined "confuted" and "finical" on my own!

  6. I did badly there, I'm not going to post my score!!!!