Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oops! It’s Wordy Wednesday again!

Wordy Wednesday is hosted by Plaidy's Royal Intrigue

To join in this wordy activity on your own blog, paste this text and instructions on your site with a link back to Plaidy's Royal Intrigue.

But play along here first!

What to do:

Every Wednesday, choose 5 or more strange or difficult words from the book you're reading and post them.

Now to have some fun, or just for information, you can do any of the following, or all of the following, or invent your own activity!:

some examples:

1) give a brief definition
2) Play match game
3) fill in the blanks
4) ask your readers to guess the definition
5) Play a meme
6) invent your own thing
Use your imagination and get creative- Have fun!

Here we go:

Impecunious: penniless

Erudite: learned; scholarly

Peremptorily: arrogant; insolent

chief interests are luxury and self gratification

Apace: (grow) swiftly

Profligate:(habits) wildly extravagant

Now, have fun finishing some or all of this meme:

1)The impecunious_________ thought that________________...

2)He was not an erudite____________________________

3)Such peremptorily_______________was not_______________

4) He was nothing but a voluptuary________________________

5) With such apace ______________________________



  1. 1)The impecunious couple thought that deceiving the great cardinal would bring them riches a comfortable living in the palace.

    2)He was not an erudite speaker, but his writing was up to par.

    3)Such a peremptorily attitude was not welcome in a circle of friends such as ours.

    4) He was nothing but a voluptuary coxcomb of a man!

    5) With such apace we picked up and moved our household to a new residence.

  2. Oh I couldn't compete with those sentences! Good job, great words. Drop by my blog and take the Liz Quiz~it's fun!