Thursday, May 21, 2009

Touch Base Thursday, eh, what?

We are reading Indiscretions of the Queen this month and we'd like an update to get an idea of where everyone is. If you find the title of this post funny and understand the meaning behind it, then you've read at least 1/4th of the book!

I just finished it a few hours ago and am writing my review. What a great read!


  1. I'm not done yet..but here's my quote:

    'Lucky, lucky creature,' she said to Lady Douglas. 'You already have one and another little darling on the way. I trust you will have a large family. Ten, no less.

    I keep reading bits and pieces here and there. I seriously need to sit and finish it all! But it seems that every time I pick this one up- and when I get to the good part...someone needs me! ..story of my life;)

  2. He then took it back to the shop and set to work on it. He had done some work on the ring and left it on his bench and while he was absent a chicken -- which by some strange manner had found it's way into the workshop --was attracted by the diamonds and swallowed some...' p.182

    I had to read those lines a few times, what a hoot!

  3. Oh...and I thought that maybe that's where we Canadians got the 'eh' at the end of our sentences...were we influenced by George, eh?

  4. I do wonder if he really talked that way. Anyone know? This novel really endeared him to me, so I may have to find a biography on him. I know I've seen one on his daughters.

  5. I am almost finished. I really do feel for Caroline, even though the woman doesn't have enough sense to straighten herself out. If being yourself is not working, sometimes you have to do what is necessary, dear.

    I should be done by Monday