Thursday, May 14, 2009

Presenting...Plaidy Reading Group: Touch Base Thursday

Hi there Reading Group Buddies! We'd like to start something new here at Plaidy's Royal Intrigue : Touch Base Thursday

Every Thursday, one of us (or both) will post a maximum of two sentences from the page we're currently reading in our Reading Group Book; no page number, no spoilers...just one or two sentences.

We would like for you, our Reading Group participants (this is open to anyone else who's interested as well), to also share here on our page, a sentence from where you're presently at in the book. Comments, ideas and little hints are welcomed on this page.

We'd like our Thursday post to be a sort of forum where we can share our thoughts about the book without giving away too much...a little sneak peek, if you wish.

So here we go...Our first Touch Base Thursday post from this month's pick, Indiscretions of the Queen:

'I am going to make a will' he told Cholmondeley, and seeing the expression on his friend's face he went on: 'There is no point in hiding the truth.'

...your turn!



  1. I would love to but I can't get Indiscretions of a Queen here in Australia. I've looked everywhere, even tried to buy in online from UK. Can't buy it from Amazon (not ever sure if it's available there) because it takes too long to get here. So sadly, I'll have to miss out this month! Hopefully I'll be able to get next month's book.

  2. Hi Alaine...I know just how you feel; I have the same problem here in Canada. Have you heard about the Book Depository? They have free shipping world wide, I'm pretty sure. If you need a head start, next month's read will be My Enemy the Queen, by Victoria Holt (pseudoname). Let us know- I sure hope you can join us:) Thanks.

  3. These lines are from the Prince of Wales, feeling ill and guilty about his treatment of Maria Fitzherbert, he was also feeling very sorry for himself in regarding his marriage.

    As I have just finished the book I've picked a couple of sentences at random,
    'This was irksome, for without the influence of the Duke and Madame de Hertzfeldt, both mother and daughter became very unstable. The Princess openly flouted her mother; the Duchess gossiped incessantly; and the improvement which Lord Malmesbury believed he had begun with the Princess seemed to have evaporated.'

  4. Hi Zetor:) I remember that was such a funny part- I find her hysterical at the beginning of the book. You already finished the book-that was fast! Did it meet your expectations?

  5. I haven't started the book yet, will in late May.. and I know Alaine is familiar with BookDepository because she has already sent me two books from there! She says that books are almost double over in Australia.. the shame!! I looked at shipping prices to there and I was flabbergasted. If it's $2 here it's $10 to there.

  6. Hi Marie! But isn't Book Depository free shipping?? Arleigh's purchased from them once to try them out and it was good. Maybe they don't ship free to Australia? But then there's the problem that they might not have the whole selection either...

  7. Hi girls, oh the book was fantastic. I knew nothing about the Georgian era before reading it. I felt terribly sad for Caroline she was so misguided and her behaviour did not help.

    Btw the Book depository is brilliant(just to echo your thoughts) I'm sure the free shipping is worldwide. Very quick service too. I see next month's book is 'My enemy, the Queen' , a new one for me , it's reserved at the library as I type.

  8. Hi Zetor:) I like it too so far...she's really one of a kind! The next book-I can't wait for. I've been wanting to read it for a while now.

  9. 'So Queen Charlotte was a benefactor to mankind after all,' commented Caroline. 'To royal mankind anyway. Just imagine all the princesses who would have had to go without husbands if she had not so zealously done her duty.'

  10. Queen Charlotte had 15 freaking babies, amazing.. I am curious to know what she looked like after that :)
    I am actually not completely thrilled with this book, it is going a little slow for me. I may be getting burnt out besides that. But also I am not used to going out of my comfort zone from the Tudor/Plantagenet era. I like to work my way up the timeline instead of skipping ahead.