Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Fan Question


You're sitting in your favorite reading spot devouring a Plaidy novel, when you see a glowing light seemingly coming from the mirror in the bedroom. You get up to investigate and words appear on the mirror:

"Touch the glass and you will be taken back to in time to live the life of any character from a Jean Plaidy novel, if only for a short time. You can touch the glass on a mirror from that time to get back."

Life has been pretty boring lately, and you decide that it would be fun and adventurous to live in the past for a while. If you decide you don't like it, you can easily return as the mirror said.

Who do you choose?

You gingerly take a step nearer and stretch out your hand toward the glowing light and say, "I want to be..."


  1. I love this!!!

    Ok...for sure I'd want to be part of CharlesII's Court:) Of course that's only because I'd somehow get closer to Louis..

    My obvious choice would be for me to be transported into Josephine's life...but Plaidy never wrote about her- darn! (Ok, well it's my mirror, right?- so I'm going anyway!)

  2. Cheater!! Well you could be Minette... she has a special relationship with Louis in The Wandering Prince.

    I'm thinking The Courts of Love, Eleanor of Aquitaine. She had such a long, eventful life. She had a pleasant early life as Duchess of Aquitaine, she went on Crusade and was married to 2 Kings.

  3. I haven't read enough of Plaidy's to be able to fathom who she wrote about.. But for The Sun in Splendor she wrote of Elizabeth Woodville whom I really want to know a lot more about.
    So I would go back and be her if only to make sure she does NOT LET HER BOYS OUT OF HER SIGHT!!!! It really would be nice to save the Princes from their sad fate, and Prince Edward should have been King.

  4. And Arleigh.. although Eleanor led a long life, I don't think I could choose to be her because of the pain in the arse husband she had in Henry II. Too many Royal Pain in The Arse Men surround her life.

  5. I would like to be Queen Catherine, widow of Henry V - what a love story with Owen Tudor, (although unloyally I think Rosemary Hawley Jarman did such a good job in "Crown and Candlelight") "The Queen's Secret" was the first Plaidy I read and I have to say that is when Plaidy hooked me.

  6. Yeah, Henry II wasn't very nice to Eleanor in the later years, what with the imprisionment and all. And there is the fact that she had a fling with her uncle. But, other than that... lol I think maybe I'm just in love with that time period since it is near the time of my muse (if I ever get the ball rolling with my writing).

    Catherine of Valois is a good choice, with her love Owen Tudor, but he was executed... so sad!

    I really, really want to read The Sun in Splendour, but it's not one of the Plaidys in my shelf :( Hopefully will be reading The Goldsmith's Wife soon though.

  7. Just wanted to add that I still have yet to find the Plantagenet series at a good price.. so nope, I don't have and haven't read the Sun in Splendor either. But at least I am getting very close to getting all the other Plaidy's so then I can focus on getting the others.