Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Fan Question

What is the ugliest Plaidy cover you own or have seen elsewhere?

Without a doubt the ugliest one I have is the Omnibus of St. Thomas's Eve, Royal Road to Fotheringay, The Goldsmith's Wife and Perdita's Prince. It has a photo of a couple, with 1980's hairstyles, clasping hands under a castle window or door, the walls of which are crumbling (so it can't have been the time period they are supposed to be from). The other colors on the book are an ugly beige and red/blue/white band across the middle. The text is black and goes over the photograph so that you cannot see parts of it that are in the dark areas of the photo. I'm honestly thinking about chucking the cover because underneath is a nice red (imitation) leather with gold text. I'll be reading The Goldsmith's Wife from this volume soon!


  1. Ok-that's really the ugliest I've ever seen lol!!

  2. I googled and found this:

  3. I also found this
    And wonder if Plaidy Lane is named for our fave author?

  4. That is an ugly cover Marie. I think it has mine beat. You know Plaidy Lane... that's an interesting thought, but it could also be that she chose her pen name from seeing the name of that Lane... or just a coincidence. I wonder if we'll ever find out.