Thursday, July 23, 2009

Touch Base Thursday

As you may have noticed we skipped Wordy Wednesday this week as I decided to post my latest book review instead. How are you doing on your July Plaidy read? I finished The Goldsmith's Wife in record time because it was so good I couldn't put it down!

Message Board news... we have decided that it's just not working. Not only am I getting loaded down with spam accounts, which I have to sift through to try and find the real accounts, but it just seems to be a bit much to go back and forth between website, blog and message board. And so, we will be posting Reading Group news and questions here from now on. When August 1st rolls around we'll have something special up for our July reads!

I've updated the Plaidy Challenge numbers on the website and Mog is leading with 9 books read! I announced this in an email, but just a reminder:

1st place prize = 2 Plaidy novels of your choice from The Book Depository
2nd & 3rd place = 1 Plaidy novel of your choice from The Book Depository

The Reviews page has also been updated with new reviews by several members!

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