Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wordy Wednesday Giveaway

Today we are giving away a copy of The Silk Vendetta by Victoria Holt via a draw. To be entered you must list ONE Plaidy word and its definition.

*For any newbies, Plaidy words are uncommon, intellectual or archaic words you find in her novels (there are lots!!)

"The majestic Silk House stands as a testament to the Sallonger family's time-honored tradition of exquisite silk making. Home to the spirited Lenore Cleremont and her grandmother, who works as a designer for the legendary silk firm, the young Lenore is educated with the wealthy Sallonger children. As the girl matures, her charm and beauty win the hearts of both Sallonger sons. But Lenore cannot foresee that this exciting newfound love will bring both tragedy and peril.

For after she chooses a husband, Lenore's happy life is shadowed by a succession of violent and mysterious acts that point to an inexplicable vengeance. Fleeing, she and her grandmother begin anew as couturiers to the haute monde in Paris. The business prospers but a malevolent fate pursues her still. Born of a generations-old rivalry and nurtured by years of deceit, it threatens now to destroy all that Lenore values. Only when an ancient family feud is unraveled, and an arrogant French count reveals the dark secrets of the past, will Lenore escape forever the menace of the silk vendetta."



  1. My word is bagatelle - it means something of little importance, trifle. I got this from Madame Serpent (I have only read 2 Plaidy's so I have to keep finding them from the same books, haha.) I really like Wordy Wednesday - I feel like I am getting smarter!

  2. Marie has this one (i had to check first) ;)

  3. Well it looks like Dolleygurl may get it without a draw! lol