Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Guess the Plaidy novel!

Based on fact this is the dramatic story of Charlotte Walpole, who left her comfortable Norfolk home to act at Drury Lane, married Sir Edward Atkyns, and attempted to rescue Marie Antoinette from the guillotine.

It is also the story of Homer, the passionate, impulsive girl from the Cornish parsonage who, unwanted in her own home, joins her distant relation, Charlotte, in London.

Involved with them are Richard Danver, in the service of the British government; Jean Pierre de la Vaugon, serving the French government, the aristocrat who cannot hope to escape the attentions of the mob; the lecherous Sir Edward; and Sophie, the young girl for whom the guillotine is waiting.

The story, moving swiftly from the Cornish parsonage to London, Norfolk, Lille and Paris, tells of the loves and adventures in the lives of two very brave women. It will delight all readers of Jean Plaidy's memorable novels.


  1. I'm reading Goddess of The Green Room which is also about a famous actress at Drury Lane! I wonder if she encounters Charlotte along the way?

    Without giving the title of the book seems to be a rarity.

  2. I think this is Milady Charlotte. If this is correct I have to admit that I started out at your blog, Arleigh, looking at your Plaidy list and then googled what I thought was it. Haha. Otherwise I would have NEVER in a million years guessed the title.

  3. You are correct! I guess if I reworded it a bit so no name shows it would be harder to guess.

    Lucy, isn't it exciting to link names and books and characters? I find this always happens while I am reading something. I don't have this particular Plaidy novel... need to look for it!

  4. I have not heard of this book. I must thankyou for posting the reading group books a couple of months in advance , it's such a help if I need to order.

  5. I don't recall seeing that Novel on my Plaidy list!

  6. Hello Arleigh,

    I made a special award for you! Come by and pick it up.

    No clue on this novel.

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