Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

Sorry for the lack of posts and updates, but Lucy and I have both been really busy lately. Here are some words:

assailing - to attack vigorously or violently.

caustic - severely critical or sarcastic

debarred - to hinder or prevent

lassitude - a condition of indolent indifference

noisome - harmful or injurious to health

opined - to hold or express an opinion

peremptory - leaving no opportunity for denial or refusal

pithily - brief, forceful and meaningful in expression

repertoire - the entire stock of works existing in a particular artistic field

sidled - to edge along furtively


  1. You will have to check out my list of words next week when I have finished The Merry Monarch's Wife - I have a running list about a mile long...haha.

  2. Great! It's amazing how many unusual words you find!