Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday's Riddle-Me-WHO??

Riddle Me- WHO?

First the brave King’s Head,
Then ‘off’ with hers, they said…

Young, beautiful and kind,
Yet, fault they needed to find

‘What have I done
Other than love and have fun?

They say I am to blame
For France’s great shame

My pious devotion
Causes such a commotion

My rosary I pray
Until my doom's day

When onto that block
My head I will lay’.

Then after that day,
Many would say:

France will never have seen
A kind and more gentler Queen.

In the streets all could hear:
Adieu La Reine Martyre!


  1. I think you are Marie Antoinette!


  2. The answer has been given - but wow what a fun post! :)

  3. You ladies are the BEST! Thanks for joining in with your comments- I so appreciate that!

    Of course it's MA:) I guess you can see from the riddle that I'm very partial to her.

    I'll be posting more of this stuff- and it's great to know that there is some interest in this. THanks:)

  4. AWWWWWWWWWW this is a sad little poem. Well done Ms Lucy, sorry I didn't see it sooner.. been busy blocking people and that stuff. =)