Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday's Riddle-Me-Who?

Had a sweet little sis
Who’s hubby should have been ‘Miss’,

My couisin’s French court is no fun,
Too pious for a King who’s called Sun.

My court, on the contrary,
is wonderfully merry.

I am the one ladies adore,
For assuredly, I'm in no way a bore

They come one and all
To enjoy my grand ball.

I revel in their splendor
For I love their soft gender.

Call me a lover, call me a rake
I'm King of Love’s give-and-take.



  1. I'm going to guess this is Charles II of England. Lucky I read The Merry Monarch's Wife a couple weeks ago or this wouldn't have been my guess!

  2. As soon as I saw this picture I knew it was Charles II! It doesn't hurt that I have been reading Susan Holloway Scott's books about him recently.

  3. Charles the II. I also recognized him from his picture and I wonder if he looked like that in real life...but I wonder that about a lot of people from that time period...

  4. Even though I knew who it was right away (you know how I love this man) I still really enjoyed your poetry! You're so good at this!

  5. You girls are too quick at this! Next time, I'll have to figure out a post that doesn't include a picture. And- if you noticed, I posted one that's not so common..although I should have gone with the one of Charles as a young boy! Maybe you would have founsd it more challenging?

  6. What a cute poem Lucy - you're good at that!

    Charles II is one of my fav monarchs - and the Plaidy books on him are fabulous.