Saturday, August 1, 2009

Reading Group Discussion for July

As you may have read via email, we are no longer using the Message Board layout for our Reading Group Discussions. We've decided it is easier and more convenient to post our discussions here. As July was Pick Your Own Plaidy month, it will be even simpler! All you need to do is REPLY TO THIS POST and tell us about your July choice. You can also link to your review (if you posted one). We may reply to your comment, so check back to 'discuss' the books on this thread.

Lucy read The Thistle and the Rose. Her review is in the works.

I read The Goldsmith's Wife and you can read my review here:

What did you read?


  1. 'A Health Unto His Majesty' was my book for July, here is the link
    A fantastic book, do read it!

  2. Zetor, I have read that and it is one of my absolute favorites! It's the best depiction of Castlemaine and Catherine of Braganza. I love all 3 of the Charles II novels! Have you read other books about these characters... like Susan Holloway Scott (Royal Harlot), Karleen Koen (dark Angels) or Kathleen Winsor (Forever Amber)? I still think Plaidy did the best job with them, though I like her no-bedroom-scenes style. She doesn't need to spice up her novels that way because they are already so intriguing.

  3. Zetor, I just went to your site and read your review-the book sounds fantastic!

    I love Charles (just about as much as Louis XIV- his cousin)...Arleigh gave me the Loves of Charles II for my B-day and can't wait to read it!

    I'm nearing the end of my July read, The Thistle and The Rose, and like Arleigh mentioned, my review should be up soon. I may as well shre though, that this book is really entertaining and keeps you on your toes...This Tudor lady is on the ball with never a dull moment!