Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Fan Question: Who's your Movie Star?

Ok…On today’s Friday Fan you get to pick your favourite Plaidy novel and –
Hollywood is ready to shoot a movie based on this very book, so you get to pick the actors!

Tell us Which book and Who’s your pick for the Plaidy Lady, Detrimental Lady and Plaidy Hunk??

Not too long ago we read the King’s Confidant…who do you see as Sir Thomas More? (Is Tom Hanks too Da Vinci?)



  1. Oh this is hard... My favorite novel is The Lady in the Tower and I would love to see Anne Hathaway play Anne, but as for the other characters, I'm not sure. Henry VIII is unlike anyone I can imagine. I've never liked any portrayal of him on screen.

    Tom Hanks is actually a good pick for Sir Thomas More!

  2. I loved Queen of This Realm...but there have been actresses for her already- so that's been done. I loved Princess of Celle- Sophia Dorothea - I'd like to think of an actress that could play her part..but can't think of one...