Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wordy Wednesday Giveaway!

This week we are giving you a chance to enhance your vocabulary and your bookshelf! To be entered into a drawing for a (used) copy of The Queen’s Confession by Victoria Holt (Plaidy), you must list 5 words from a Plaidy novel that are uncommon, archaic or otherwise ‘literary’ to us language lovers.

The draw will be announced next week on our Wordy Wednesday post. Open to everyone!
More about The Queen’s Confession:

This is one of my favorite ‘Plaidy’ novels (yes, I know it was written under Holt). I felt it really allowed me to get to know Marie Antoinette as she may have been. It is written as though she is looking back on her life, and she admits that she was na├»ve and ignorant in a lot of ways, though she did strive to do right by her husband and the people of France. I highly recommend this book for Marie Antoinette and French History fans!

This is not the same cover as the giveaway copy – it is a small (mass market size) hardcover. I’ve never seen another Holt/Plaidy novel like it. It does, of course, have a man and woman embracing. Funny there is nothing of that sort going on in the book!

“The unforgettable story of Marie Antoinette, from her pampered childhood in imperial Vienna, to the luxury and splendor of her days as Queen of France, to her tragic end upon the scaffold in the bloodbath of the Revolution . . .”


  1. ok ok you talked me into it... I'll have to check some of my books when I have a moment. It will either be fun and relatively easy.. or cumbersome and time consuming.
    I'll let you know :)

  2. Such a unique way to have a giveaway. Ok, my words are from Madame Serpent.
    Bagatelle - something of little value or importance.
    Bruited - reporting a rumor.
    Dulcimer - a trapezoidal zither with metal strings that are struck with light hammers.
    Feigning - to put on an appearance of.
    Bawdy - indecent, obscene.

  3. What a fun giveaway! I'm reading the Bastard King now, I will look for some unique words.

  4. Oh, what a neat way to have a giveaway. I'm in. My words are from My Enemy the Queen:

    1. ruff-a large round collar of pleated muslin or linen worn by men and women of the late 16th and early 17th centuries.

    2. vituperative- uttering or given to censure : containing or characterized by verbal abuse.

    3. panegyric-a eulogistic oration or writing ; also : formal or elaborate praise.

    4. fain-with pleasure.

    5. rapacious-excessively grasping or covetous.

    Wow, that took a while. I have a pretty good vocabulary so I wanted to find ones I didn't know. That was fun learning some new words.

    bj19662001 (at) yahoo (dot) ca

  5. O.K. here are my 5 words from Jean Plaidy's The Bastard King:
    Imperious - Arrogant
    Serenschals - Officer in the house of a noble
    Seigneur - Feudal Lord
    Expiated - To make amends, Atone.
    Avaricious - greedy of gain

  6. These lists are great! We'll have to start a group called Plaidy Smartie Ladies!!LOL!!! You're soo good:)


    Taken from Jean Plaidy's Katharine of Aragon: The Wives of King Henry VIII

    augmented - added to
    scaffolds- temporary wooden structures outside and alongside the building to grant access
    mastiffs - large dogs
    aghast - to look in horror, (bad) surprise
    beset - hounded by

  8. Please count me in. Thanks.

    avalonne83 [at] yahoo [dot] it

  9. What a stroke of luck finding your giveaway! I did a Google search for novels that feature Empress Maria Theresa. (Amazing how few such novels there are!) The Google search led me to the May 13 post at, which recommended THE QUEEN'S CONFESSION. That site, in turn, led me here!

    As it turns out, my library doesn't have a copy of THE QUEEN'S CONFESSION, so I'd love to win one.

    Here are my words, from THE CAPTIVE OF KENSINGTON PALACE:

    FARTHINGALE--a hoop skirt or framework for expanding a woman's skirt
    POTENTATE--a sovereign, monarch, or ruler
    PARTI--someone who is considered a good choice for marriage, particularly due to wealth or status
    EQUERRY--an officer of a royal household charged with the care of the horses

    carmela (at) carmelamartino (dot) com

  10. from The Courts of Love:

    1.jongleur-professional storyteller or public entertainer in medieval France

    2.self-aggrandizement-the act of making oneself more powerful, wealthy, etc., especially in a ruthless way

    3.vassal-a subordinate

    4.penitent-truly sorry for having sinned or done other wrong and willing to atone


    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  11. Just posted about this contest on Win A Book.

  12. inheritrix-female heiress
    chrisom face cloth
    sweetmeats-food with sugar
    surcoat-outer clothing
    taper-a slender candle

    These are from Queen of the Realm

    This was fun-thanks

    chocolateandcroissants at yahoo dot com

  13. So glad I didn't take the time to enter this one because after rearranging my Plaidy books yesterday I found this one hiding there. Now that I have 7 V Holt books I need to add those to my Plaidy spreadsheet as well so I know what the heck I am doing. I will post pics this weekend of the new bookshelf, perhaps on my Sunday Salon post.