Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordy Wednesday- and- Mystery Birthday!

Wordy Wednesday is about the extraordinarily strange, difficult, no longer used or never-even-heard-of words found in Plaidy novels…

Today, rather than post some of these I just wanted to ask your opinion on 2 (of the many) that I found in My Enemy the Queen.

I did not know that this was used to refer to severe diarrhea(sorry)…even after having had a few children. Just wondering if this is now a medical term- or if it’s even used nowadays…

Also, I haven’t been able to find a definition for this one: Noble Impe. Anyone have any idea? It’s on page 295.

NOW- Back to having some fun…

On this WORDY WEDNESDAY Can you guess the Birthday Boy WHO had a WINNING –WORTHY WAY WITH WORDS?


  1. The word dystentery still seems to be in use in the medical word, though looks like it is mostly common where there is poor sanitation. Salmonella poisoning is a cause of the disease.

    A photo of the effigy of Robert Dudley (the younger) can be found here: near the bottom of the page. I'm guessing Noble Impe means small and of the nobility?

  2. Poor sanitation and salmonella seem like reason and probable causes for people dying of that...

    I kind of thought it might be short for Imperial..but then how?

  3. I am not sure the actual connotation of it, I don't see where it shows a 'definition' of it.
    I did find this interesting tidbit in a google books result though: Notes and queries book Interesting indeed. And if only he had lived!What a legacy!

  4. Oh and as far as the birthday is concerned, no clue, would be nice to know what era you are picking from and if it is Plaidy Related? More hints please!
    I found these guys had a birthday 6/24 though and I never hear of them:
    1542 Juan de la Cruz, [de Yepes], Spanish Carmelet/poet/saint
    1590 Samuel Ampzing, poet, Taelbericht der Netherlands Spellinge
    1916 John Ciardi, poet and critic, translated Dante

  5. Thanks to Lizzy of Historically obsessed I now see that it is Robert Dudley's Birthday that you are speaking of. Winning way of words really threw me.

  6. Hey Marie...I was afraid of giving it away! But I thought that those reading My Enemy the Queen would probably pick it off:) But, let's face it, Dudley really did have a 'winning way with words' when it came to the Queen...she would have forgiven him anything!