Thursday, June 11, 2009

Touch Base Thursday...So far??

I just read:

“Walter,” I said, “you know this to be false. I know it to be false. If you make a great noise about it, it will come to the Queen’s ears and she would blame you. You know how she will hear no ill of Robert Dudley.”

So this is where I’m at…and to be honest, I’m finally getting into it. Now I really want to know what will happen to Lettice and what did she mean about that day with her son meeting the Queen? I’m dying to find out how this will be relevant (if at all). Wonder what she was alluding to? Can’t wait to find out!

And you…Smartie (P)Ladies, where are you at?


  1. I have one more book to read before I start this one. I've been doing good... 3 books so far this month!

  2. Haven't started this book yet, I'm reading 'The Reluctant Queen' by J.P. at the moment, it's the story of Anne Neville.

  3. I really loved that book Zetor- it puts Richard in sort of a kinder light..

  4. I will be finishing the Bastard King this weekend so I can move onto more J.P.

  5. I am not any further than last week. Had a bad eye allergy and reading kind of fell on the back burner. I hope to read some more today!