Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's Touch Base Thursday! Where Are You At?

Hi everyone! How are you enjoying My Enemy the Queen? Personally, I haven’t gotten that far. Here’s where I am:

‘I would, of course, never have dared to bring Lady Dudley to Court. There would be more than a slap on the cheek if I did. I could see myself returning to Rotherfield Greys never to emerge again.’

(I suppose she meant the old tower that’s still there…?)

So far, I’m feeling a lot of anticipation…I want her to really get to the good part. But in a way I’m glad she’s explaining everything in such detail- slowly edging me on to read more…I’m getting hooked though.

What about you- how’s the read going?



  1. Sadly this is another one I couldn't get in Australia. Am hoping I'll be able to get next month's read!

  2. Alaine, there's good news for you since next month is 'pick your own Plaidy read ' least then you'll be able to join along:)

  3. Haven't started it yet... may be another end-of-the-month read for me!

    We're going to start picking ones that are available at The Book Depository so everyone has the chance to get it (free shipping worldwide).

  4. Haven't started this month's book yet, but looking forward to a good story as usual!

  5. I just started yesterday and it's already got me hooked. I guess you all don't have a list ahead of time as to what you'll be reading each month do you? That way I could order them or even see if the library has them. Just some random thoughts. lol.

  6. Sorry gals, but I have some other stuff I have to take care of this month :( Looking forward to next month though, reader's choice correct?

  7. I read this one in October (before I started to review) and I really enjoyed the story of Lettice. It is one of those that if you enjoy Elizabeth I but are sick of the same biography-style books of her, then this is an enjoyable read about some of her 'peers'.

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