Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Fans

Friday Fans want to know:

Where does Jean Plaidy fall on your list of favorite authors? Is she your absolute favorite, top 3 or perhaps one you read only occasionally?


  1. I would consider her in my top 3 (with Penman and Chadwick). Although I haven't "loved" all of her books (some are definately better than others), I don't think you can beat her straightforward and fairly well researched view on history. I like to read her when I'm venturing into a new time period.

  2. I would place her in my top few, I do love Agatha Christie and some of the Brontes.

  3. This may come as a surprise, but she's my absolute favorite ;) Ever since I picked up The Lady in the Tower in 2004 I have been obsessed!

  4. Ok, well I'm sure you know my answer to this one...Plaidy's my #1-no two ways about it.

    For the newer authors, Gulland is right up there along with Chadwick

    But Plaidy first and always:)

  5. I would say she is in my top 3 - I have only read 2 of her books but I have really enjoyed them. I don't know who my favorite author is but I think in the top three as well would be Angie Fox and Libba Bray. That was a little difficult!

  6. LOL at Dolleygurl. just think.. what if I didn't send her that Angie Fox book, where would she be today?!
    Seriously though.. since I've only read like 7 of Plaiy's 80? books I hardly feel qualified to answer. BUT She is definitely in the top 3. And I just can't say who is my fave author of all time without going back to childhood classics. So that is tough. So for today before I hurt my brain further, I'll say top three are Louisa May Alcott, Plaidy, and Penman.
    could change if I ever get to the books that I WANT to read on my TBR pile.
    (*vent: pls tell me, when I specifically post that I am GETTING AWAY from the review request biz, an hour later I get someone asking me to do a review? THEN 2 hours later an acquaintance from HS wants me to review their new book, too.)

  7. Marie, you cannot get back all that time you spend reading books you don't want to read. Be vehement about not taking anymore books! Luckily for me the publishers have learned my tastes and offer me ones they know I want :D Those are the only ones I take now.

  8. Don't shoot me, but Plaidy is not in my top three. I don't really have a top three. Austen is my A #1 but after that, there's a bunch I like. I am just so even keeled :)