Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Philippa Carr Series Released!!!

Hi everyone, it's been awhile...but here's a comeback with a bang!

Last week, Open Road Integrated Media, released the first 10 books of Philippa Carr- also known as best-selling author, Jean Plaidy, Victoria Holt- 'Daughters of England' series. The first book of the series is 'Miracle at St. Bruno's.

The Daughters of England, book 1 of 19
'The first book in Philippa Carr’s celebrated Daughters of England series is at once a love story, a mystery, and an epic historical saga set during the tumultuous reign of Henry VIII
Damask Farland, named after a rose, is captivated by the mysterious orphan Bruno. Discovered upon the abbey altar on Christmas morning, then raised by monks, Bruno becomes the great man whom Damask grows to love—only to be shattered by his cruel betrayal.
This dramatic coming-of-age novel is set in sixteenth-century England, during the chaotic years when Henry VIII stunned the royal court by setting his sights on Anne Boleyn. It’s also the tale of a man whom many believed to be a holy prophet . . . until a shocking truth is unearthed in the shadows of a centuries-old abbey.'

Today, the rest of this magnificent collection is being released- featuring: Saraband for Two Sisters!

The Daughters of England, book 4 of 19

'The twin daughters of Tamsyn Pennlyon take very different paths—only to reunite in a firestorm of explosive secrets and illicit passions that threaten to divide them forever
Twins Angelet and Bersaba Landor may look alike, but their personalities couldn’t be more different. Angelet is sweet, gentle, and submissive, while Bersaba is secretive, sensual, and headstrong. When the sisters are separated by forces beyond their control, Bersaba finds her life taking a dark turn.
After years apart, the twins are reunited within the echoing halls of Far Flamstead.As Angelet finds herself at the mercy of the manor’s secret past, Bersaba gives in to a perilous temptation. Bersaba will risk everything—even her life—for the love of one man. Against the backdrop of seventeenth-century England, a time of bloody revolt and new beginnings, Bersaba and Angelet discover that the ties that bind them can also tear them apart.'

Jean Plaidy collectors cannot pass up this fantastic new release!

Which Plaidy are you reading?