Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 Jean Plaidy Challenge & Giveaway Alert!

The New Year is here with a Bang! Plaidy’s Royal Intrigue is announcing our Challenge for 2010!!

Arleigh and Lucy have planned a GRAND Plaidy Lady Challenge!

Last year, we had a wonderful turnout for our reading challenge and so we’ve decided to go on a grander scale and make it official!

Challenge will begin January 15, 2010 and end on Dec. 15, 2010.

Please Note: You must have a blog to participate. If you don’t have one, you can sign up very quickly and easily at and at least post what books you’re reading, if not reviews.

Place this button on your sidebar and post about it- then use the linky to tell us who you are.

You can choose a level now – or just pick as you go along.

Ms. Carr: read 6 Books
Ms. Holt: read 8 Books
Grand Plaidy Lady: Over 12 books

At the end of the year, 1 winner will be picked from each level.

ALSO…if you would like to see your reviews posted on our blog, please send them to :

Once a month we will randomly pick reviews to post on our blog. All you have to do is email us your review and once it’s up you blog about it with a link back to us.

So, let the fun begin!



1. Put our challenge button on your sidebar, linking back here.

2. Comment here saying it's up and leave the link.

3. Send an email to with the following info: first name and blog/website address. **Please send an email each time you finish a Plaidy novel so we can keep our list updated**

Once I get your email, your name goes into a drawing for a brand new copy of Flaunting Extravagant Queen! Open to US, Canada & International (no exclusions on mailing). This giveaway ends January 31st, 2010.

At the age of fifteen, Marie Antoinette, beautiful and charming bride to the impotent Dauphin, is plunged into the intrigue of Versailles. Frivolous and reckless, she flouts the strict and demanding etiquette of the glittering court, and discovers the true nature of love, hate and jealousy.

But the clouds of revolution are overhead, and Marie Antoinette, who only wishes to enjoy life, learns too late that the price of her enjoyment is very high...


  1. Button is up on my blog with link. Thank you for this great challenge. Just discovered Jean Plaidy and so far I am hooked!

  2. Hey I just got my button put up in my side bar. I will work on my blog post for this and another challange today also.

    So add me for the giveaway I want to read this one too!

  3. here is the link for my post

  4. I've been waiting for this challenge. Am going to sign up today. PS Love the button!

  5. Ok I'm all signed up but not sure where to leave the link. I'll put it here and hope that's right.
    Jean Plaidy Challenge 2010

  6. Just posted the button. I'm so excited to do this one again! I had a lot of fun last year.

    My post is here:

  7. Sign me up for the Challenge, no need for the giveaway though =)
    I have noooooo clue what level I am going to do, it would be nice to do all three.
    Sadly, I know that will be ridiculous to venture to.
    So we'll see what happens.

  8. I am and button are up - here is the link No need to enter me for the giveaway as I have this one already. Hopefully I will make the Ms. Carr level, but we will play it by ear - I just like to enter every challenge under the to accomplish them all...

  9. I have my button and post up on my blog!

    I am aiming for the Ms. Holt level!

  10. I'm in for another year! The button is up on my blog sidebar. I'd love to win Flaunting Extravagent Queen as it is my favorite of all the Plaidys I've read so far.

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  12. I am such a joiner but I do enjoy Miss Plaidy! And all of you grand ladies as well. Count me in gals!
    It's on my sidebar under followers

  13. Count me in Arleigh I have posted button on my sidebar and post on my blog.

  14. I hope it is not too late to join the challenge. My blog is and I have put up the button on my sidebar. I have read books by Victoria Holt, and am looking forward to read the historical books by Plaidy, especially the Tudor series

  15. I posted a page with ALL current reading challenges. Let me know if you want me to add any other information about yours. I hope it brings even more readers to your challenge!
    Reading Challenges.

    Rachelle (Bibliobabe)

  16. I definitely would like to participate, however I have to ask for permission at my job. But I'm gonna everything to go.