Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Day in the Diary of a Plaidy Mystery-Lady...

I dislike my sister-in-law. She’s always watching over us like a hawk. She and her husband are both so afraid that my beautiful daughter will inherit everything.

They’ve stripped me of my title, but they won’t keep my daughter from getting what is duly hers. My husband loves me and will do anything to make me happy.

All I want is for my daughter to be legitimate. I shall write to the highest authority…Only he can understand and grant me my wish. The future of my beautiful daughter is all I can think about…

Who is this mystery lady?


  1. Ooh, how frustrating! I can't match all the clues to any mother I can think of... but I'm sure it'll be really obvious when you reveal the answer!
    But in the meantime I'm running through the mothers in my head, trying to match one :-)

  2. Queen Anne. I'm not sure if I'm right but it's worth a go. Although I think she had many children , but none survived.Please correct me here.

  3. Hint- Hint: ..a grandmother of King George I of England:)

    You guys are such great sports, I love it!

  4. Oh well no wonder I was never going to get it -E of B (am I right?) would never have occurred to me!
    Zetor - Poor Anne had lots of children but only a boy made it to about 11 - I've just finished a book about Sarah Jennings and Anne so right up on her poor childbearing luck :-)

  5. I have no idea! Dreadful I know. Please clue me in ;)

  6. Hmmm, I just love the suspense...and oops my previous hint is missing a number; it should have read GeorgeII (So Sorry Melissa)

    Just for that, here's a bunch of hints:

    Married a Duke; not in France, nor England;daughter Sophia...; 17th century; considered a great beauty and was in a loving relationship with her husband; a Duke (who used to be a playboy before he settled and had eyes only for her;)

  7. Aha... It had been a while since I'd read the Plaidy books and I figured that explained why I couldn't remember a book about my first guess :-)
    But now I know who it is! I read the relevant Plaidy book many years ago and there seem to have been very few non-fiction books about this particular lady (and her daughter) so it's the first time I've actually seen a picture of her!
    Bring on the next one :-)

  8. Good morning:) Who was this Plaidy Mystery Lady?

    ...Eleonore d'Esmier d'Olbreuse (1639–1722),

    Have agreat day!

  9. You know after working out who it was just made me want to read the relevant Plaidy book all over again and wonder why no-one else has really written much about this woman and her daughter's fascinating and tragic life... one really can only read so many books about the Tudors!

  10. LOL I just found this post.. loved it and I have not ventured yet to that part of History. I'm getting there.. just so many Tudor books to be read!!